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S.T. Group Co., Ltd. is a multi-business company established in 1994. The Company was seriously affected  by the 1997 Asian economic crisis. Strong management and cooperation has led to its full recovery.

S.T. Group has grown more than ever with diverse businesses: import-export, duty free, power generation, mining, tobacco, wood, beverage production, construction, hotel and resort. The Company also leases some of its real estate to other businesses, as well as provides business ideas and advice to potential investors.

After the Lao Government introduced the New Economic Mechanism, Laos has gradually moved toward a market-oriented economy and economic liberalization. The country’s economy has since been developed and improved.

S.T. Group does not only gain from the economic development of Laos, it also contributes to such development. It contributes to the social development as well, particularly in the sports arena, by being a permanent sponsor of the Lao Boxing Federation, under the Thailand Osotspa product M-150.

The Company has formed multiple affiliations and established various joint ventures with foreign investors. It operates under fair business practices for the mutual benefit of itself and its partners. It has selected highly talented staff and only reliable partners.

With its current success, S.T. Group is looking forward to a brighter future and growing even bigger through business partnership, collaboration and cooperation.











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